«Converting the iconography of Carnival into a global brand has been our challenge and every year we strive more to project to Colombia and the world, the great richness of our carnival culture, through design, communication and strategic branding,» he said. María Patricia Dávila, executive director of Dávila P & M.


For the 2017 version, in which Carnaval SA celebrates 25 years of organizing the most authentic festival in Colombia, Dávila P & M made a composition with hand-made strokes to honor the protagonists of the Carnival. Several layers were built, full of details that symbolize our party such as the cumbia, the doodle, the coyongos, the river, the harlequin devils, the fauna, flora and music of the Caribbean, intertwined in a great collage, as it happens in each Battle of Flowers, where the richness of our Region and the heritage of our culture come together in a river of joy and color.

In the center, in a «picotera» typeface that invites us to a carnival of verbenas and neighborhoods, the word CARNIVAL appears, projecting the colors of Barranquilla and preceded by the torito, an important figure of the SAS Carnival, which with its ribbons and galaperos graphics has become an icon of our party.

The image is broken down into elements typical of Carnival iconography and is united in a large canvas that pays tribute to the Latin American retro poster and folk art.

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